As far as problems with RE


As far as problems with RED, you might have some problems if you don’t have any experience working with film. Since the resolution is so high, focus is critical. The film lenses that are used are usually, if not always, prime lenses, which don’t zoom or zoom very little. So you can’t simply zoom in, focus, and zoom out like most of us do with our own video cameras. The critical focus also calls for someone to pull focus as well. I feel like you really have to know what you’re doing to use this camera.

As far as editing RED footage, I know RED makes their cameras to work with Final Cut Pro. So you shouldn’t really have any problems if your using that program.

I agree with Barefoot’s statements on your idea of thismandatoryswitch to HD. It’s notmandatoryat all. At this point, I don’t even think it’s necessary. I kind of wish it was because I’d like to get an HD camera, but I don’t need one. Personally, I think the best advantage of HD is being able to downconvert and make awesome looking SD.

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