As far as naming the proje


As far as naming the project files, I start my first save with Project_0001. this after i pull in all the resources, clips, audio, etc., I think I am going to need.After that each editing session becomes the next in sequence _0002, _0003, etc.When I get to the point where I think I am done I will save it as the next record number as well as to a Final Version sub-folder under the project folder with Project_YYMMDD (year, month, day) this becomes a golden file and I do not touch it again until I render it to playablefile or DVD.

I letthat sit for a while (a few days at least)and come back to review it with “fresher eyes”. I know the last file in both folders are the same so if more edits are required I open the last _00XX file edit and save as next _00xx and a copy to theFinal Version sub-folder.

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