As far as I’m aware they b


As far as I’m aware they both broadcast HD on two cable services (both cabLe services are nowhere near where I am) and OTA; according to they’re website they upconvert their SD newscasts too HD. So they do broadcast HD, but right now it is too a very small market share. Otherwise their broadcasts are in SD on satellite and other regional cable providers…plus the other good reason that they still broadcast SD is that in Ottawa they’re OTA is digital, but in the suburbs they are still broadcasting in analog. Sure there was that August 31 end date in 2011, but that only applied to 28 markets in Canada.

As for using Purolator or FEDEX (UPS parcels are dropped of by Purolator in my area), I’ve thought of it, but overnight service the prices are anywhere from $65 to $100.

And for a Betcam SP deck I would definitely not be paying $1,500 to $2,000.

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