As far as asking for a mea


As far as asking for a meal, sure it’s nice to be fed, but I have specifically written in my contract that we do not expect one. Why should the client be responsible to pay top dollar for me to eat the same meal as their family and friends? I can bring PB&J if I need to. However, about 2/3 of my clients offer us a meal anyway and I will definitely not turn it down if offered.

I think I may have misspoke, or at least mis-stated my case. Typically, we’re about the same in this respect as you are. What I meant was we usually ask if the couple plan on feeding the vendors at the reception, and if they say that they are, we politely ask if they would set out two places for us. If not, it’s not a big deal, and this is why we have a neat softside cooler that fits in one of our rolling cases.

As far as reception meals go, I don’t think there’s a right or wrong as far as feeding the animals, er, vendors go. If the reception is buffet style, they usually pay per tray of food as opposed to a per-plate fee, and even if we bring a third videographer with us, all three of us won’t put a dent in a buffet tray of whatever it is that’s being served. Some venues even throw in free meals for vendors if asked. Also, I was a hotel manager for a while once, and from seeing how the various catering departments worked, I can say that there’s always plenty left over after everyone’s been served. So even if your couple isn’t serving the vendors, if you pop your head back in the service corridor and say something like "Hey, I’m videotaping this wedding, and I was wondering if there are any leftovers" you may find yourself well fed. More than once, our plates were fuller than those of the guest, just because tey had so many leftovers.

Ultimately, whether or not you eat, or what you’re eating, isn’t really a big deal. The one thing that is a big deal is not to waste tape recording people stuffing their face. Of course, keep that camera on standby, just in case you hear the tanging of glasses!

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