AS Craig states, Sonic Fir


AS Craig states, Sonic Fire Pro IS really good – I use it whenever I need exact lengths (to about the second) of really nice assortments of music – They run specials every now and again (like 5 discs of about 8-10 songs each for $100) which make it affordable for everyone (including me). I also love the new scoring edition of the software – Gives me a LOT of control in how the music flows.

Also good was CineScore from Sony – They pulled it (couldn’t or wouldn’t compete with SmartSound) from the market but I have seen copies of it on eBay – I liked the control it gave (like Sonic Fire Pro) but the music was not nearly as varied or abundant as SmartSound’s, albeit I think their interface gave me more control plus it works as a plug-in with Vegas.

I also love Digital Juice’s StackTraxx series – They are no longer sold (they might make return special appearances but you’d have to check the website regularly) – Their newer music offerings – MusicBox – are good as well.

There are many other options for RF music as well – A search of these forums will produce many threads with dozens of websites (some good, some awful) with price points ranging from free to hundreds of dollars. Best bet would be to look at as many of them as you can and listen to what they offer and note the price – Then purchase what you a) like and b) can afford.

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