As Brian and Ed point out,

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As Brian and Ed point out, there are a number of different approaches possible, with different price tags attached. I'm assuming because you want to do it yourself then the price tag Brian is alluding too is probably far out of your range.


I think one of the major questions is what is the audience for the video series? Is it external or internal? Are you looking for it to represent your brand publicly? If the later is the case, then you need to way up between the quality of the the production with the communication that is contained in the video and wether you're winning or losing in this equation.


With all this in mind, an acceptable video can be made with an iPhone and some make shift lighting setup. Although if you have any budget for hiring equipment, (assuming you have a iPhone or DSLR) I would suggest hiring a lapel mic as your first point of call. Audio is one of the biggest quality degraders in these situations.


Keep it simple. One setup, plently of light. Camera fixed. Audio.


Hope that helps.


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