As an owner of a $3500.00 3


As an owner of a $3500.00 3 chip industrial camera I can tell you from experience that the G 20 we’ll give you 95% of the picture quality at 20% of the price.
If you Google Head to head shootouts with the models of your choice, I think you will end up with the G 20.
I can also tell you from experience that the built-in microphone is going to seem like a human ear to most of your viewers.
As for desktops or laptops I always recommend the Apple Mac platform.
Not only is Mac reliable and stable, Apple does a better job than anybody of protecting your investment. For those of us that don’t have an IT person in the house, the Genius Bar is worth it’s weight in gold in terms pointing-and-clicking your way out of any problem.
I wasted $300 on a popular non-Apple editing program. The tutorial had one version of what the screen should look like while the program had a different idea. Now what?
With no face-to-face tech-support, I wrote off the $300 and went back to Apple.

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