As a rule of thumb, when i


As a rule of thumb, when it comes to mixed lighting I always do a manual white balance (actually, I always manual white balance wherever I shoot)on the predominent light source. Depending on the time of day, time of year, overcast or sunny conditions etc. will determine the colour your camera reproduces. When faced with artificial/natural light mixtures I try to add a gel to my artificial light so that it mimicks the natural light. An example would be adding a blue gel to your tungsten fill light so that it mimicks the blue cast from the outside light streaming in. My professional camera (Panasonic DVC Pro) has a b/w viewfinder, so I just let experience guide me, but with a colour viewscreen you can easily see the result just a soon as you do a white balance. If you don’t like the effect, try repositioning the subject or moving some lights, re-white balance and check the result on the colour viewscreen.


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