As a relative noob, I do just


As a relative noob, I do just want to comment about my hobby horse. Flicker….no..that's not the name of the horse, sorry.


Apart from the really good advice given here (I do a lot of still photography and the same sort of stuff applies)….

….24fps progressive (non-interlaced) video will never look as smooth as 24 FPS film. Film has flicker, but 24-25 fps video has a sort of "toggle" between each frame and the one that precedes it, which is more than just frame trasnsition in film. I have asked and asked about this and fought to get rid of it, but have only made small progress. Sony's Vegas tried a "smart" function that tried to bnlur it to stop the flicker. They still have it there, but everybody disables it as it's just woeful. I have found that I either need to use interlaced (often not possible for playback) or 50-60fps progressive (also often not possible on slower machines/youtube etc), to get film-smooth appearance. I have seen a lot of articles saying that you shold shoot 23.997 (24) fps to get it looking like film. Even at my low level I find this simplistic and in my opinion misleading.

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