As a pro shooter, I rarely if


As a pro shooter, I rarely if ever shoot on auto. Some of the later model cameras have good tracking in auto but most don't. With use, it becomes second nature using manual focus. AF has its uses particularly during action when it may not be possible to use two hands while shooting. Bottom line, you don't want to leave too much up to the camera.

There are many excellent controls in today's rigs, but they can't 'shoot for you'. What happens if a servo in your only lens available freezed and you can't rely on autofocus? Are you just going to stop the shoot? If it's an event or one-time only occurrance, you'll have to keep shooting. However, a client is not going to pay for out-of-focus shots or listen to your excuses as to why you were incapable of getting proper footage.

Being proficient in shooting 'Full Manual' is a skill anyone serious about being a videographer or photographer must attain. Funny thing is; once you master manual shooting you'll rarely if ever go 'full auto' again.

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