As a paranormal investigat


As a paranormal investigator myself, you have to first start looking at normal causes for something before moving in the direction of paranormal.

1. Is there another entrance into the kitchen area other than through your office?

2. Do you own an indoor cat? I used to live with a roommate whose cat would open and close the cabinet doors under the bathroom sink at all hours of the night and I would constantly hear this “thump thump” all night long.

3. You just had the water heater replaced. There may be air in the pipes causing the pipes in the wall to rattle against the walls causing the doors of the cabinet to pop open and closed quickly.

If the camera had been pointed in the kitchen area instead, it would have made things a bit clearer as to what possibly happened at that time.

Honestly though, unless it is my own camera taking the images, or experiencing the phenomena first hand, I could never say without a shadow of doubt that there is something paranormal happening.

I can’t tell you the number of “orb” photos that I’ve received, or photos of dark areas, or supposed “EVP’s” that people have captured. They ask us for confirmation on what they believe is happening. We’ll say “that’s interesting” but we cannot say that it is paranormal based upon what they’ve sent us. Evidence is too easy to contaminate or fake (look up Ghost Capture for the iPhone for an example, we’ve gotten plenty of these too!) The only way to determine anything is to actually do an all out investigation under circumstances that we have control over in order to make an intelligent determination of the evidence that we have collected.

My team is a member of the TAPS Family, currently the only one in the state of Arizona. I’ve met Jason and Grant from Ghost Hunters, but don’t know them personally, however Paul Bradford from Ghost Hunters International is a good friend of mine and I’ve had the opportunity to work with him on a few projects as well as an investigation before he was even hired to be on GHI.

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