As a newbie I only underst


As a newbie I only understand about half of the good advice in this thread ….. but I’ve already bought a flash card camera and now have realised the issues over archiving and viewing HD footage. One question … apart from the cost …. is there any problem with keeping the SD flash cards as the archive media?

Also in last months Videomaker (I get them late in Bangkok) there was an editorial comment that manufacturers are pushing flash card cameras to get around the patents on the tape drive systems. Even though thisis the current driver, I reckon hard drive storage will take over from tape and HDDdue to customer demand for convenience and the profitability of mass produced solid state drivers over complex tape mechanisms and disk drives. It’s a bit like the 35mm film v digi still cameras (and does anyone remember the HDD still cameras?)… although both Mini DV and SD cards are digital, the solid state drive will win out in the end in my view, so future software and hardware support will start to move in that direction. So I just need the back end gear to catch with my camera!

– Now if someone makes aBlue Rayplayer that also has a slot for an SD card and can play HD footage from both … they will get even more of my hard-earned money.

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