As a hobbyist, I shoot wed


As a hobbyist, I shoot wedding videos for friends and a lot of church services.  The church has a Canon GL2, but I prefer the video from my Sony HDR-CX7 camcorders.  These older models use MSPRO memory sticks, but Sony has finally caved and gone with SD cards on the newer models.

I find that the quality is really good (1080p), especially considering that the creative edge comes in the editing process. I use a Zoom recorder to capture the audio track.  One drawback to this type of equipment can be in the syncing of audio and video from several cameras.

Don’t forget you will need editing software*, memory cards, tripods and microphones, and maybe some lighting equipment.

I suggest you start lower end on the cameras (get two so you can capture two angles) and see how you like the editing task.  If you change your mind your investment is minimal.  If you like this new work, you can always buy a nice camcorder (with your profits) and use the low-ends for additonal angles.

* lots of free trials out there, I still use AVS4You for most of my small projects

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