As a freelance videographer,


As a freelance videographer, one of my sources for work is Craigslist. After reading probably thousands of ads over the last several years, I think I've become good at sifting out the scammers and daydreamers from the legitimate work offers.


Too often I see people posting ads for "student videographer", or "someone who is reel-building" to shoot their event, commercial or (gasp!) their wedding. I understand that maybe they don't have the money to hire a production company to shoot their project, but why do they think a student is going to have the proper equipment to shoot even a simple video? At a bare minimum, a used HD camera might cost more than $1,000 and a decent microphone is still needed. 


Then there are the ones looking for free work but specify the shooter must use a DSLR; i.e., Canon 5d or 7d. Again, what world do they live in where students own cameras and lenses worth something north of $4K or or others will work for free with this type of gear?


I'm not opposed to pro bono work, because any time you can use your skills makes you better at what you do. I'm negotiating with a local band to shoot a performance video this summer, and won't get paid nearly what it's worth, but I will own the rights and it'll give me an opportunity to work on a more complex project. It'll be a three camera shoot and will require a lot of editing time. The band will get a great promo video, and I get to use the video as an example of what I can do. In my opinion, it's a good quid pro quo.






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