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As a digital marketing professional who focuses on Google as the main source of revenue (I do freelance video production, and am very passionate about both) I would recommend learning just a bit more about the settings youy have chosen in your Google AdWords accounts. Showing up on sites like Videomaker is part of the “content network”, which means Google finds pages/sites that have the kind of content that closely matches the keywords that you have chosen to target. So recognize at least that Google (and Yahoo & MSN/Bing) are actually pretty good at finding those relevant pages/sites. The good news is you can A). turn this functionality off B) keep it on but choose the individual sites that you want your content to appear on. Option A is the easiest, and almost always what we do for our clients. But, in rare cases option B does work when time is spent researching the sites, but I completely realize that no one has that amount of time, except those that get paid to do it. It’s the same thing the video production industry is seeing now with the influx of cheap digital cameras and editing software… anyone can do it, but the pros do it well.

I’m not trying to make a pitch for digital agencies, I’m trying to offer good advice for the folks in this forum that have done nothing but provide sound advice for me. You’d be surprised at how much money a well optimized search campaign can make and save you.

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