As a 60D user myself and a


As a 60D user myself and a previous Sony HD1000u like Gonz67, there is no comparison whatsoever, the 60D wins hands down. We use to haul so much equipment, specially our lighting equipment, to the ceremony and reception that it was such a burden trying to light dark churches and reception hall, not to mention the set up (1000 w in soft boxes on 12ft stands) Now, wejust use fast lenses ( fromf/1.4to f/2.8) and minimal use our portable Sony HVL lights (on a light stand ) and boom easier to run and gun and the footage is immaculate compared to our old video camera…As for HD to SD, we shoot and editfull 1080p (withPPro CS5) and then downconvert to SD for DVD. As a PC user ,not really sure with Mac apps but from what i understand you’d have to use ProRes to convert your 60D files to a more edit friendly file.


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