Armand, Shooting with spot


Shooting with spotlights can be very tricky. The problem is only part of what your camera sees is fully illuminated. The rest of the frame is much darker, and that can fool the built in exposure metering system. What happens is the auto-exposure system sees both the area lit be the spotlight and the dark areas, and it averages them. The result is a very light subject, with washed-out colors. Some cameras have a spotlight setting for auto-exposure, which should help some. If your camera doesn’t have a spotlight setting, you would need to set the exposure a little darker than what the auto-exposure says it should be.

In any case, it would be very useful to test in advance, using the same lighting setup used in the show.

Good luck, πŸ™‚
Ken Hull

P.S. –Setting the white balance manually can be useful (so if someone is dressed all in one solid rich color, it will be recorded as that color, rather than a grayish version of that color).

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