Aristotle’s notion that every


Aristotle’s notion that every story must have a beginning, a middle and an end is as valid in film making as it was for the theatre in the 5th century BC. How does camping at the Quarry begin? How about at 0:22, when the girl in the yellow dress runs to catch up with her friends who are headed for the lake.

Next come several of your shots of the gang walking through the woods and grass toward the lake. Finally, shots of the lake itself, with people standing on the rocks above the lake, looking toward their adventure.

Then the various activities during the two days of camping, fire building, water sports, etc., You could end the story at 1:05 with the friends looking off into the sunset, or with the reflective moment at 1:36 and 1:45; or at 1:53 and following with the long slow tilt up showing the beauty of the place.

As it stands, you’ve shot some good footage, but haven’t developed it into a coherent story, the challenge for the editor.

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