Are you using "single


Are you using "single track" editing or "A/B" editing? The fastest way to tell is look at video track 1. Is it labelled track 1 or is there 1A, 1B and a transition track? The single track mode can be expanded to look like A/B editing but A/b cannot be collapsed to look like single track. I use A/B editing.

Transitions can only be placed in the video 1 track. In single track editing, it is placed between the cut point of 2 clips. Each clip needs to have had some of the footage cropped off (not just put back to back) for the transition to add. If your using A/B editing, put the transition in the transition track. Be sure two video clips overlap and are in track 1 (one clip in 1A, one in 1B). Transitions do NOT work in any other track except track 1. If your trying to add a transition in track 2 or higher, it won’t work, in version 6.5.

Hope this helps!

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