Are you trying to turn the


Are you trying to turn the office environments of your subjects into looking like studios? They may be more interesting if they look like offices!
You need great appropriate lighting. This isn’t necessarily 3 point. (However, if shooting Hi Def or other low lux cam, you do need to turn up the lights and 3 point is a good starter.)
If you are shooting CEO types, they usually have very well lit offices to begin with, including often the best source: Windows. Windows plus a reflector or two and one supplementary medium wattage light can do wonders. (Applies not just to CEOs.)
Bring your 3 point kit (lights, supports, cables, duct tape…), but be prepared to jettison some or all in lieu of the existing environment.
Last year I watched a special feature included in the DVD re-release of Fellini’s Eight and One-Half, made in the 60’s. In a behind the scenes documentary, Fellini’s cinematographer was an amazing professor on the subject of camera work and lighting. He talked about the invention and evolution of 3 point lighting and his view that it had become a tyranny. An interesting perspective!

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