Are you planning to shoot


Are you planning to shoot while the car is really in motion? (That would limit your lighting options.)
I suppose you could have a couple high power flashlights aimed at white cards which are taped to the dashboard. That could simulate illumination from the lighted instrument panel.
You’d probably want the rest of the interior to have some diffuse light, at a lower level. Some flashlights, aimed at large white cards could provide a diffuse light. The problem is to hide the flashlights and cards from the camcorder.
Will you be shooting through the windshield, or have the camcorder inside the car, shooting sideways?

If you know how to use ChromaKey, you could shoot with the car stationary, and fake the motion. Put a well-lit greenscreen behind the rear window, and add footage taken out the rear of a moving car. Also, have production assistants sweeping lights across the actors from outside the car, to create the illusion of passing by streetlights.

Have fun! πŸ™‚
Ken Hull

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