Are you editing in PAL? I


Are you editing in PAL?

If you AREN"T, then I think I have the solution.

You should be using these frame size settings: 1920 x 1080

Now, I assume you’re using iDVD 5 or below, correct? Well, iDVD 5 can’t burn a DVD in widescreen. The instructions say to drag your Quicktime video set to 16:9 into iDVD and then burn and it should come out in widescreen. The programming for iDVD did do this correctly, but the burning process didn’t! Why didn’t Apple even care to test try a Widescreen DVD to make sure it works?!

Well, there’s a way to get around iDVD’s flaw. Go to this link here, it’ll tell you how to do it:

The website provided should show you how to make a DVD in iDVD in Widescreen.

I hope I’ve helped.

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