Are you doing your origina


Are you doing your original filming on a Hi8 or VHS type of tape then transfering it to the computer?

If so, The analog to digital converter will often cause some pixelation. Also you need to make sure the settings are correct before you capture the video.

720 X 480 is the standard DV size.
350 X 256 (or something like that) is the standard VHS size.

Anything smaller will end up being pixelated.

I would say, that the first thing you should check is the settings.


With the DVD camcorder, if you are trying to edit the DVD footage, you WILL have problems. Because DVD camcorders record directly to MPEG format, the MPEG uses keyframes which make it very very difficult to edit. Because if you edit out those keyframes then many of the other frames will be blurry.

If you are trying to just play the DVD in a DVD player and send the signal thru the analog/digital converter, I would recomend not doing that.

Just use a DVD converter (software) to convert the DVD to a manageable file format.

Many times, the DVD camcorders come with this software.

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