Are we not forgetting

AvatarFred Stork

Are we not forgetting something important in this discussion? What about the distribution/projection of the film? Most of our productions will be viewed on computers, tablets or phones. With a few exceptions computerscreens, tablets and phone screens are 30/60 fps (yes, even in 50hz countries) – meaning that your “cinematic” 24 fps footage will be viewed in 30 fps and this through a transformation outside of your control. The result is that any fast motion will appear choppy/stuttery (panning, moving objects etc.) in an all but cinematic way. The real difference between cinematic and video type images is not in the minor difference between 24 and 30 fps and the downside of 24 fps is not justified – unless you control the entire chain. 24 fps will in most cases be viewed in 30 fps while 30fps will next to never be viewed in 24 fps…

Just my 2 cents and I could be wrong…

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