“Are there enough software


“Are there enough software that is for video that can be used in a MAC.”

There are lots of software for the mac for Video and audio editing, In fact Mac was the first to focus in this area. for professional level the top 2 are Final cut pro and Adobe premiere CS3 or CS4, If your going to edit video for a living i would get the Adobe Production suit CS4, I use FCP and like it, but if i had the money the Production suit will do a lot more, plus nothing beat Encore for burning your project, Yes that’s right, I said it, now thank me.

“All i use the computer for is to edit and watch my videos and go on internet like for yotube and other things. I am tired of having all types of error when editing.”

If your not going professional then a basic mac with Imove or Final cut express will work well for you. Nice thing about Macs is that you never need to defrag, there’s very few virus out there written for the mac, the mac does not slow down over time like the pc. but what i like most about my mac is the file structer, very neat and clean unlike the pc.

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