Archiving AVCHD footage: C


Archiving AVCHD footage:

Currently I work with a pair of HF100’s. Make my own training DVD’s to support Defensive Handgun classes I teach, and I try to participate regularly in video challenges (FUN!).

A lot of my outdoor work is in dusty windy environments (West Texas) and I was somewhat worried about fine dust getting into tape transport mechanisms. So the change to flash memory looked like a good idea to me.

When I come back from a shoot I ground out any static charge by holding onto a grounded metal object (computer case or something like that) and then remove the camera media card, put it in a reader and connect the reader to a USB port. At that time I copy the MTS files over to a specific project folder on THREE separate hard drives, the internal C: drive and TWO external USB drives. All are currently 500GB drives but the externals may be replaced with 1TB drives if prices come down some more.

The current project stays on the internal drive while being edited and for as long as I need to make additional copies then ultimately will be deleted to free up working space. External hard drives are fairly inexpensive now and I extend the lives of them by not keeping them running. Generally they are only powered up when I need to transfer files to them or when I need to retrieve files from them.

In addition to the AVCHD files stored on those externals, they also have all of the DV and HDV captures I had to make while using tape so when I need to revisit an old tape based project I have the first captures available on a hard drive.

One improvement on the system I use should be to purchase one more external drive and mirror eveything onto it for “offsite” storage. Someone elses house.

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