Apples to oranges. Truth i

AvatarGrinner Hester

Apples to oranges. Truth is, the only people who are interested in watching a wedding video is the groom once, the bride twice, and the mother of the bride 3 times. lol

Again, the ones I’ve done have varied. Last one was exactly an hour with everything… that’s with a half hour ceremony. There are no rule of thumbs though. Some receptions are more action packed or relivant than others. I hate to say use the force but that’s what editors do… they make it feel right and if it’s feeling wrong, something hits the cutting room floor. It’s not to ask this question up front if you feel the client is savvy enough to understand rather than get worried by it. Many times they’ll tell you straight up “make it short and entertaining then just give us the raw footage”.

Never cut the ceremony though. I say that, and certainly there is nothing wrong with fixing a stumble or long beat while someone is mentally searching for words…. BUT often those moments are highlights in the bride’s mind and you’ll hear, wait, where’s thart wher uncle Bob farted? I’m not kidding, dang near every time I’ve cleaned up the ceremony itse;f, I’ve had to go mack and make it sloppy for em.

That said, dude don’t bore em with the reception. Hit the highlights. Obviously the vail, the cake, the first dances, ect. but I like to put a little snip of each song and kind of make an evening montage. This way they don’t feel like I missed anything and I don’t send folks running from the TV with a long boring reception they were glad to leave in real life. Transitions are easily done with quick well wishes testimonials from attendees. I don’t even ask their names anymore. If they are there I figure they are known so I just grab whoever sticks out and ask them to give some warm wishes to the bride and groom. I get these before and after the ceremony as well.

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