Apple still have to work h


Apple still have to work hard to improve so many features in FCP X, I had the whole yesterday trying to do my project in FCP X..the organization is very bad in this program and Customizing the windows is limited. I hate the tags and the name events in this Program, but the previous Fcp had the way of making bins and sequences. Fcp x does not Have multi came features and you really import the project from FCP7 or 6 neither the PSD (photoShop with it layers) The only things I like About FCP X is the interface, the Colour correction and it is faster..And also FCP users will not have a problem of importing difference video format in timeline..This FCP X is just good for someone who make a move from iMovie and if apple dont rectify these issues Eerlier, Premiere pro get me back.. I didn’t believe it when I heard in the launch of FCp X that Adobe and avid will stay at the second place!!! On my God I thought Apple is struggling to catch up with adobe speed, there are lot of things that Fcp users still struggling with that Premiere users don’t any more.

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