Apparently you shouldn’t g


Apparently you shouldn’t get Pinnacle. I, not knowing what to buy, finally decided to buy Pinnacle Plus 10 Platnum blah blah… I am happy with it. I am running it on my laptop which has an Intel Core Duo CPU running at 1.6GHz with 1GB RAM. It isn’t as unstable as some people have described earlier versions. When it has crashed, I re-opened and it had a recovery file so that I didn’t lose anything. When I told a friend what I bought, he said I should have gotten Adobe Elements. I am not unhappy with Pinnacle. However, I don’t know what I am missing.

I think Pinnacle’s DVD menu builder is unpleasant to use. I have been able to do some good stuff, but it too WAY too long, and too manyDVDs,for me to get it just right.

I was watching a video about being a videomaker on The woman advised never buying software without trying it first. She said you can download trial versions of just about every major product that is available. Do that. Perhaps, you could use trial versions for your first few clients and learn what you like and use the money you earned to buy that one.

But if you buy something you don’t like, just use it and save up for the next product!

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