Apparently, Macrosystems (


Apparently, Macrosystems ( the maker of Casablanca ) biggest customer's are schools, probably due to the easy use of the editing system. I had a problem initially using a Casablanca, I thought the system was too difficult, but when I read that schools favoured Casablanca for children to edit on for school projects, I knew I just had to persevere. Now, I wouldnt even think of using another editing system. As somebody mentioned, there are PLENTY of film clips on Youtube demonstrating the Casablanca Editor. Chet Davis ( the Casablanca Expert ) and a guy called Joel Brooks ( Moments In Time Films ) are just two of the people there demonstrating the Casablanca Editor. I also at this point want to say, even though I sound like a Casablanca Dealer, whos trying to promote his product, I am NOT anything to do with Casablanca at ALL, nor Macrosystems U.S. I am just an amateur film maker who uses the Casablanca Editing system.

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