Anything with a Dual core


Anything with a Dual core (or dual processors altogether) is going to run circles around anything with a single core processor. If you’re serious about video editing, dual core is the affordable way to go. If you’re serious about it and you’re willing to drop the extra cash, a full dual (or even -drool- quad) processor system would eat up anything on the consumer market.

Speed is important, but the reason Intel stopped labeling their processors by speed was because speed isn’t the only option to consider. You also have to look at variables such as bus speed, Cache size, and chip configuration in general. A well built 1 Ghz processor can run with a 2Ghz easily – Just look at Macs from pre-Intel days to see what I mean. Their slower processers were still better (or at least as good as) the "faster" Intel processors at the time.

I’ve got the Pentium Dual core D 930 processor in my machine, and honestly, I couldn’t be happier with it. I’m rendering basic video in speeds faster than real time currently, which is pretty amazing.

Dual core or dual processor (if you’re loaded!) is the way to go. That, in combination with at least a gig of Ram (hopefully at least 2 Gigs) and you’re sittin’ pretty.

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