Anyone? A little help please?


Anyone? A little help please?


So I'm going to be taking video out in the streets of Hong Kong for my weekly YouTube channel (Shameless plug: and I want to get away from shooting on my cell phone. I've been shopping for a few weeks now and narrowed my choices to two cameras based on my budget and availability in Hong Kong:

1). Panasonic HX-WA30 – this is a pistol grip style camera that would work well in wet conditions, ease of use, and portability.

2). Canon Legria HF R506 – This is more of a traditional-style camera but (seems) to offer more options, possibly has better image stabilization, and records at a higher speed. But it isn't has easy to get "selfie" shots; something I do a lot in my travels and in my videos for my YouTube channel.

What do you think between these two? What are the pros and cons. Price is about the same.

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