“… any level of creativi


“… any level of creativity or artistic capability is subjective to the
extent that “whatever it takes” just might get the job done profitably….”

And that’s basically what I was saying when it comes to professional work (i.e. work for profit) being done. Hopefully, producers will do the best they can with what they have. This is the same conversation photographers had when the polaroid came out and again when 8mm film became available to the public, and once more with film vs digital. The ‘Wal-mart Approach’ isn’t necessarily a bad thing because the ‘Mart’ isn’t trying to pass their work off as top of the line. Their hook is that it’s affordable. ‘Affordable’ and ‘Top of the Line’ are two vastly different things.

I do believe there’s a certain standard for we all have to decide when a project is ‘finished’. Of course there are always things which could be done to improve the final product, but there has to be a point where ‘final’ means finished. You’ll never get a project to be perfect. You’ll always notice things that could have been done better. Yet for a professional you have to decide when it’s good enough to get the point across without the quality of the work causing the viewer to be negatively distracted. Even assembly line type of videos have to fall within that standard.

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