Any comments about the Son


Any comments about the Sony Vegas Movie Studio + dvd video editing software VEGASMSDVD6??

I mentioned that it had to be connected via FireWire connector/IEEE 1394 device and my notebooks are USB 2??
I wondered if this is a better editing program.

Right now as an example I use a Hauppauge unit that converts my family videos created from my Sony Hi 8 camera and am quite surprised at the quality. (And the Hauppauge Win TV PVR USB 2 in prep for my creation of a Dvd is in Mpeg)

The issue for me now is to get a user friendly version of an editing program I guess.
I had Nero on my notebook and got rid of it as it had some conflict issues with some of my work based programs.

So I gather I can do a straight burn of the Mini Dvd of the example of mini dvd 1 to a 4.75 and then follow it up with another 30 minute Mini Dvd to make a full hour on that large DVD.
The issue that I will have is that in order to do a Edit it will have to go into Mpeg?
Sorry for my Noob Mini DVd queries.

We are wondering if we should take this camera back and wait a few years thus all the questions and making certain we are not misunderstanding.

I look forward to comments, thankyou.

i should say when we bought the Sony 405 it had the following differences from the 505 and cost only $100 less and wondered if we should get the 505 once we understand all of your experienced comments.

The Sony 405 has:
InfoLithium with AccuPower Meter System

2.7 inch wide touch panel swivel screen

Image Stabilization: Steady Shot (Super, Electronic)…will this use more battery??

Outputs: Analog, Digital, USB port, S-video (no firewire)

Active Interface Shoe

Still picture resolution 640 x480 (vga) 2016 x 1134 (16.9)
1600×1200 (1.9mp) 2016×1512 (3.0 mp)

Sony 505

LCD view screen 3.5 inch

Exposure Control..what does that mean??

Image Stabilization: Electronice, not like the 405 above

Inputs: Multi A/V,USB, 2.0 compliant, Mini plug??? what would this be for?

Formats are spelled out for this model: DVD-R/-RW,+RW (Physical??)
DVD-Video/DVD-VR/DVD+RW Video (Logical)???

Memory Stick Types: Memory stick duo media, memory stick produo media,(parallel interface) Memory stick Pro Duo High Speed media (parallel interface)

PC Software: Picture package Version 1.8 and Nero Express 6 (Conversion Software)<<<<< what does that refer to??

Again I look forward to your comments on the above 2.
I should say the pixels on the 405 is 3 and on the 505 it is 4.


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