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ANOTHER thing it takes, but is grossly overlooked, is the 78+ percent of the wedge of the bridal video pie where prospective customers are NOT sold on video.

It never ceases to amaze me that, given the talent, the tools and the experience, that five percent (maybe 10 percent) AND the other 90-95 percent are all fighting to get a taste of the 22 percent, give or take, of the bridal market where they are already SOLD on having a video of their wedding produced. These guys are competing on creativity, giveaways and price, and sometimes some unique aspect of what THEY do that nobody else does … yet.

Give it time though, every GREAT new creative bent soon becomes a clich as more and more non-creatives jump on the FEATURE wagon. Started with strobe, went to the color bouquet with everything else black & white, to slow motion, extreme slow motion, love stories, bridal elegance, and now of course EXTREME depth of field with DSLR rigs and multiple lenses for CREATIVE effects.

All well and good. BUT, if ANY PVA, group or other association that professes to “support” the wedding video production industry could wrap its collective minds around the simple fact that there’s a market out there that isn’t even being considered … the 70+ percent who don’t want, don’t think they want, or THINK they couldn’t care less about having video of their wedding ceremony, event, reception or day.

A campaign that somehow would bring in this significant chunk of NON-business for video producers would not only boost the upper scale professionals, perhaps even increase the overall perceived value of video production, but spread a good bit more wealth and business around to the other 90 percent of the wedding videographer base.

Instead, everyone, well nearly everyone, is vying for that small wedge of pie, the EASY targets (in that they already KNOW they want video) but the hard targets because they have a boatload of producers from amateur, hobbyist, cheap or affordable and inexperienced, to well-funded and equipped and extremely capable/creative experienced professional to compete with for a very small taste of what’s possible.

The day the industry-at-large discovers that a campaign like “Got Milk” or “Where’s the Beef?” is started that convinces the unconvinced brides (and their grooms) that video is “all that” AND a bag of chips, is the day the wedding video services industry is going to burst wide open and spread the wealth of a multi-billion-dollar industry to MORE of us.

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