Another possible solution


Another possible solution is using a time code slate (Denecke Timecode slate Rental sample). The number running on the slate would be generated from a small batt operated timecode box mounted on the slate itself. You could ‘get’ the timecode out from this tc box through a 1/4 inch jack which you would record into any old multi-track system you have laying around, as an audio signal. WARNING: Timecode is a VERY HOT LINE level signal so it will likely have to be padded to keep it from distorting in your computer system.

Your non-timecode camera would record the visual version of your code onto the video tape. It would greatly improve your ability to ‘eye’ the audio in your time-line during editing.

At $50/day (likely less for more than 3 days) it’s a pretty pro-way to organize your shots. Not to mention that everyone (including your Editor) will be super impressed by using a slate. It forces you to keep track of your shots in a no-brainer way and helps you line up your post audio from your hacked together ‘duel system’ location audio recording. STOKED!

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