Another idea is to take a


Another idea is to take a tape recorder when you have the idea and just turn it on and record your idea. Talk about it out loud. Describe the funny scene. Tell the whole story if you need to.

Then walk away from it for a day or so and listen to see if it’s still funny. Have a friend listen too. They can give you input. If you both agree it’s funny and worthwhile then transcribe it to paper in the form of a script. You’ll have time to write it out and not be so caught up in it.

Comedy is anything that is unexpected. So much of it may be gags or physical. You have to see it for it to be funny so your script may need side notes to describe the scene. And as mentioned above, the actor will have a lot of input into making it funny. What you write and what ends up in your movie may be completely different but get the same point across. The actor may ad lib some to really bring out the concept and make it hilarious.

Keep your recordings and play them for the actor the day of the shoot so they have a clear idea of what you were going for. Then let them take it and run with it. You may end up with something even better!

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