Another helpful tip about


Another helpful tip about shots/production:

If you do use a script and storyboard(this is highly recommended, but as i said above, I don’t), then put it up on the wall or somewhere where your actors and crew can see it. This is preferably the storyboard. Then, your crew can look at the storyboard and figure out the shot for themselves, rather than you having to explain every shot to them. You just OK it, sit back in your Director chair and ask the grip to go get more Doritos.

Then, after each take, go cross off the storyboardshot you just didwith a big black “X” using the Sharpie you brought along. When all the shots are crossed off, everyone can strike and go home. This helps both cast and crew with motivation, and the determination to keep going, because everyone only has to look on the wall to see how long they have to stay and it’s pretty obvious how much you’ve done already.

I heard this tip from a pro writer/director who lives a couple towns away. He used Kinko’s boards on easels.

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