announcementguy Wrote:Hell


announcementguy Wrote:

Hello everyone. I’ve been cruising the forum and like it here. I also just subscribed to Videomaker Magazine. I love making videos, and am ready to buy my first prosumer camera.

I’m leaning towards the GL2. I will be making videos for my church, but not service videos. We will be doing video announcements (comical interview type footage) and also "Man on the Street" type videos where we interview people on the street. Does this seem to be a good choice of camera? My budget is about $2K for the camera, light, and mic. Is this possible? I was looking at BHCamera and it seems I can get what I need for $2K. Any/All suggestions welcome.

B&H is a good place to shop and GL 2 will be far enough for church needs, great colors, tones and great lense……

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