Andy, I’ve used the Canon



I’ve used the Canon FS200 for chromakeying withfairly good results – as long as you use the XP setting (highest bitrate), manual white balance properly, and light evenly, you can get good results. Actually, the discontinued Canon FS100 is the same exact camcorder for alot cheaper, at least here in the United States – the ONLY difference between the FS200 and FS100 is the FS200’s A/V out can be switched to headphone out for monitoring audio. Other than that, the cams are identical. I just bought two FS100’s here in the states for $199.00 each!

Here’s an example video of chromakeying I did with an FS100:

Chromakey example starts at about the 1:00 minute mark.

The key is obviously not perfect – but it works fairly well using Final Cut – what softewarewill you bekeying with?

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