>>And when you put A


>>And when you put After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash together, Motion doesn’t stand a chance. Not a chance. Plus you get Bridge, OnLocation andUltra(Although OnLocation sounds pretty slick, I don’t see the need for Bridge very often and I can’t find anywhere what exactly Ultra does).<<

Bridge is Adobe’s file browser, it used to be the Photoshop File Browser but they made it into a standalone program with the release of CS2. It can preview just about any media file around including most of the adobe ones that the OS won’t and it can even preview video files and up to 16-bit audio (I believe) directly in it’s preview window. Ultra is a standalone chroma keying and compositing application. It is geared almost entirely towards creating newscast style pieces, or that seems to have been it’s original intention. It has a pretty good keyer that often works in just a few click and then backdrops and other elements can be added to the foreground plate to create a composite. I don’t believe that it was really intended for highend commercial use, but it may fit into certain workflows. Adobe acquired it when it bought serious magic.

>>I admit that Final Cut Promight bebetter than Premiere Pro and Soundtrack Pro is probably better than Soundbooth, but I think Encore can do what DVD Studio Pro and Compressordo combined in one<<

I cut on both FCP and PP I think they do almost exactly the same thing, just with slightly different emphasis on how they want you to do them. DVD studio pro is however a superior DVD authoring application in that is has support for dvd scripting that is the ability to add custom code to the dvd to create custom behaviors. To be honest many people won’t need this functionality if all they are authoring is simple menu dvds. And at the moment, I don’t think that Adobe has anything really like compressor, a stand alone video media converter.

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