And, what would you be wil


And, what would you be willing to spend? Do you want a tape format, hard drive, or memory card to acquire your footage? Do you want to stay with standard definition, or go with high definition? Widescreen?

How much, or how little, camcorder do you have in mind? CCD or CMOS? Three chip, or will a single sensor do?

The short answer would be the Canon HV30 coming in for under a grand. The longer answer is there are a BUNCH of GREAT cameras ranging in price from $800 to more than you’d probably ever want to spend. Panasonic is coming out very soon with a new challenger that records to SD cards and will make editing life a bit less complicated, provided you are using current platform/software components and not working with something that is several years old. That Panasonic camera will run just under $4K.

There are several other models by Sony, Canon, JVC, etc. that hit the $2,700 to $3,700 bracket. Several for more, a few for less.

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