And to add to what Jamie s


And to add to what Jamie said, you’ll need a budget and two cameras – options will vary, but if you’re getting two of them, remember that the quality you decide on (for the price) is going to double. Make sure that at least one of them has a mic input.

As for microphones, you’ll want to use XLR for long cables. The guitar mic should be a cardioid condenser that will require phantom power. As for voice, there’s more options – lavaliere, shotgun on boom bole, camera-mounted shotgun, or second cardioid condenser (which will take more power). As long as it’s not going live through a sound system, this will all work fine.

I also recommend on getting an XLR preamp box – Juicedlink‘s a really good one. If the condenser’s not powered, then you’ll need one that supplies it with phantom power.

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