An excellent example would


An excellent example would be if you were to have a special kind of surgery that isnt done very much. Would you go to the young doctor that just got his licenses and the ink is still wet or would you go to a doctor that has been around for 15 to 20 years and has done this surgery 75 times already?

I’m a terrific nitpicker, I know, but I can’t resits it sometimes! πŸ˜€

Your analogy is flawwed, because the doctor that’s been in the field 15-20 years also has the papers that the new grad has.

A better analogy would be to choose between a newly graduated Doctor, and a man who’s been treating illnesses for the last couple decades, even though the summation of his education was his CPR certification class he took 20 years ago. Now you’ve got a doctor whose licensed, insured, and covered versus a "doctor" who has seen it all, but has no formal education. Who do you want cutting you open.

Of course, not holding a degree in the field of video production myself, I can honestly say that this is a lot different. Experience is a life-saver, and even the best education can’t compensate for that. But at the same time. if someone has a masters degree, that also must mean that the person has relative experience, has written a thesis on their major, and has been trhough probably 6 years of trining from people who are experts in the field. They’ve probably interned or worked in the field that interests them for the length of their education, and created videos and films that were critiqued by their teachers. While Beth might not have her own demo reel, I highly doubt that this is the first time (or even among the first hundred times) she’s used a camera.

Honestly, once she gets two or three of her own weddings under her belt to where she feels comfortable, I’d trust her as much as I trust anyone whom I film with. Experience is priceless, but experience along with education can be incredible.

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