An education is never a wa


An education is never a waste. Never! I have a Political Science BA, but Ijust started doing corporate videos. How? By getting every business experienceI could. Attend video industry conventions, take free gigs, work with your local cable access TV channel, focus on classes that have direct usefulness for you (FCP, Adobe, sound, etc.) and look at

Having a non-related degree allows me to talk with people on a wide range of issues, and when it boils down to it, videography is nothing more than a business. How you promote yourself and your work is at least as important as how technically proficient you are. There are plenty of starving “artists” out there- but the guy who can talk to the producer/CEOintelligently will get the job.

Best Products

Best Products of the Year — 2019

2019 has seen fantastic new equipment for video production, but with a world of options at your disposal, which is the best? We carefully evaluated each new product, emphasizing its innovation, value compared to its direct competition, and its...