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Simple solution I picked up recording audio in a hanger bay beneath an active flight deck of an Aircraft Carrier; Wrap your mic’s with leather car chamois.

I was interviewing an officer in that hangar bay with all sorts of industrial racket plus flight ops going on overhead. Noise and more noise. I ended up wrapping the mics with the chamois sheet we used to cut lens cleaning cloths. I ended up having to do a manual tweak just to get his voice loud enough, but surprisingly enough the chamois attenuated the audio making the harsh nat sound useable background noise.

I’ve been using car chamois ever since to augment my mics in tough situations. Only once did it not work and that was on the floor of a steel mill. Nothing we tried could help kill that racket! Inside your car (unless there’s a war going on outside it) will be a cinch.

Just go to your local ‘S-Mart’ and pick up some in the Automotive section. Shouldn’t cost you more than $10 bucks.

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