Am new here and want to b


Am new here and want to buy the Sony HDR S11 coz of its full HD capabilities. (hope am right on that). birdcat,does that mean I wont be able to burn on regular DVD coz thats what I intend to use?

You will not be able to burn anything more than 720 X 480 (SD for DVD) onto a standard video DVD – You could always put a HD video on a data DVD and play it on a computer (but remember you are limited by size 4.7 GB or 9 GB). If you want a true high def video disc, you have two options currently – BluRay or HD DVD (which is obsolete now but I’m sure you can still get burners & players but why would you want to?).

However, there is nothing to stop you from burning 16:9 SD standard DVD’s from any source you’d like, including full HD (1920 X 1080). I do this all the time – my NLE (Vegas Pro 8) converts it on the fly and I burn a standard def DVD from HD source just like I do for SD source.

Hope this answers your question.

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