“… Am I considered a jou


“… Am I considered a journalist?”


Absolutely. After years as a combat photographer/videographer and independent filmmaker I can attest to sharing many of your ‘discourtesies’ shown and more. Zoob is on the right track with you setting up your own ‘news agency’. The only differences between you and CNN are time and money. I remember watching WTCG in the way back time when Ted Turner got his fledgling station off the ground. Nobody took his ‘news’ serious (late night ‘news’ on WTCG was some of the funniest stuff I ever saw) but when he started Turner Broadcasting Systems everything changed. Shortly after that, CNN was born and nobody took the 24 hour news channel at all serious until CNN was the only channel that had a lock on the Gulf War in Bagdad. After that, CNN blew up into what you see today.

So, with vlogging being all the rage and easy to do there is no reason why you can’t start up ‘BlackLab News’. The thing is, you have to actually do it. If you say you’re from BLN, BLN has to exist. You’ll need to set up your vlog or website (or both), you’re going to need an official logo, and you can make your own dang press badge. Look at that jack@$$ Peres Hilton, he was just a blog nobody until all of that dust up with the Miss Universe Pagent went down. You get out there and cover stories well, build a track record and you will establish your reputation.

In the meantime, you have to present yourself on the job like you’re supposed to be there. It doesn’t hurt to have on the pro journalist uniform (polo shirt with embroidered company logo, shooter’s vest, pro looking gear as you can afford and you’re company I.D. badge.) Also, you need to have the pro’s attitude that you belong there. One of the coolest photoshoots I ever went on was for a big sporting event in Japan. I was with a tour group and I dragged a co-worker with me as my ‘assistant’. I used my company ID to Bogart our way in. At no time did they ever think I wasn’t there to do a job. When we got in we abided by the rules and I got to work alongside some of Japan’s top photographers. I’ve been on hundreds of shoots since then, but I maintain that same ‘I belong here’ attitude on my ‘official gigs’ too.

Another thing you will find out, the bigger the event the more cutthroat your fellow journalist may get. Do your research, talk to officials when you can and present yourself as a legit journalist. Having the vlog will back you up and make your convincing of said officials to let you in so much easier. Above all don’t ham and egg it! If your vlog or the stories on it look like half a buttocks you will be percieved that way. If your work is percieved as pro so will you. Then you’ll be surprised at how much BS you can get away with when necessary….

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