” Always . . . “, we


 ” Always . . . “, well maybe ” never ” is also a rather broad generalisation? How about, ” It depends “? I would be highly skeptical of depending on an ” AUX ” mix from the PA guy who does indeed have better things to do than to make the video guy happy . . . . . but if the PA console has a duplicate main mix out jack ( an output which is identical to the jack driving the speakers, and does NOT have a separate level control ) then  that’s the safest route.

In one instance, I took a PA console feed directly into my Sennheiser wireless transmitter ( with the modulation gain set to minimum ) and plugged the receiver into CH 1 of the camcorder and I had a short shotgun mounted on the camcorderwhich was plugged into CH 2. That worked out very well.


Rick Crampton

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