Always keep shutter at 50,


Always keep shutter at 50, Iso go as high as you feel you can before noise reduces your resulotion, on a canon you should be able to go as high as 1250-1600 range before you have too much noise. Then adjust your aperture from there, at f4 you should have a good depth of field, set your focus to the end which is infinity this will cause the majority of the isle to be in focus except things that are really close to the lens. Also wide angle lens have a really good long depth of field. Personally I use only two lenses a 14mm rokinon cinema lens, and 50mm minolta 1.7. I use the 14mm for all my motion shots, out door architecture shots, establishing shots etc. Then I switch on the 50mm to grab some shots with a nice blurred background and very shallow DOF. you can learn some techniques by watching some of the videos on my site,

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